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At Senior Housing Professional, Real Estate Agent and Certified Senior Advisor, Tena Wells has decades of related experience to help seniors and their families solve housing concerns with support and represent through difficult decisions regarding future lifestyle. Whether a senior wants to continue aging in their current home or transition to a new lifestyle within a variety of senior living communities, we are here to represent your interests in an ethical, unbiased fashion.

Many people are overwhelmed trying to tackle all of this on their own. At times of duress, it is easy to take the first help offered just to make the situation go away.  However, these times of significant change require an advocate and representative with local knowledge and expertise to save you time, minimize risk and provide peace of mind.  


Don't wait until a negative event forces you to make a change.  It is in your best interests to make well-informed decisions and plans now, after consulting with licensed professionals and forming a plan that meets your specific needs.  

Call Tena Wells, Cal BRE 01312458, a Senior Housing Professional at Vantage Point Real Estate Cal BRE 01228781.


We have summarized the expertise of The Senior Housing Professionals at Vantage Point Real Estate into the five most common services.  

Let’s take a closer look:

HOUSING:  Senior Housing Professionals at Vantage Point Real Estate are licensed real estate agents possessing specialized knowledge of the senior housing industry.  Senior Housing Professionals helps families and clients evaluate and select the appropriate type of housing or residential options while representing the client, not the facility.

FAMILIES:  Senior Housing Professionals help families adjust, understand, cope with and problem-solve transition issues, caregiving and family dynamic conflicts or differences of opinion about senior housing and long-term care planning.

LOCAL RESOURCES:  Senior Housing Professionals are very familiar with the local senior housing market and available related resources in their communities helping you to access other services to support your needs.

ADVOCACY:  Senior Housing Professionals are strong, effective consumer advocates for clients and their families, promoting the client’s wishes and concerns whether it be negotiating senior housing options or fighting for seniors' and family's rights to a clear understanding of the housing lifestyle they are investing in.

REFERRALS:  Senior Housing Professionals are licensed professionals with a network of other licensed, local professionals built over decades.  We have a  solid  network of reliable support.  Whether the problem is health related,  legal, financial, social or other, Senior Housing Professional can help meet all your needs.  

Only Senior Housing Professionals at Vantage Point Real Estate utilize the THRIVE Lifestyle Plan™-Traditional Housing Re-Invented for Vital Empowerment.

Utilizing the THRIVE™ method, Senior Housing Professionals at Vantage Point Real Estate personally assist seniors and their families who need to  navigate the array of senior living and service options to find and maintain balance in their lives; make sound decisions and enjoy their time together, supporting one another.

THRIVE™ is based on the concept of how the quality of housing directly relates to the quality of one's life.  We obtain and in-depth assessment of the now, an understanding of needs now and a forecast for down the road. This allows us to help  minimize risk and prevent decline in physical, mental, emotional and financial areas of life. 

If you would like to THRIVE today, please contact Vantage Point Real Estate Cal BRE 01228781  at

 916-717-0417. The plan may be modified, in consultation with client and family, as circumstances change.