Are you:

*Thinking of selling a home to pay for senior care?

*A busy professional with little time?
*Disagreeing with your parents, siblings or other family?

*Uncomfortable asking difficult questions?

*Unhappy with your current lifestyle?

*A primary caregiver who is being drained by the endless

 efforts of care giving?

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With over 7,500 licensed

senior housing options  in California,

doesn't it make sense

to work with licensed, local,

experienced senior housing professionals?

Senior Advocates

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​Licensed Senior Housing Professionals

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Our Certified Senior Advisors have years of experience assisting seniors in many related areas, helping to evaluate needs now and down the road. We offer you a complimentary consultation to show you how we save you time and stress; reduce risk and optimize quality of life.

Questions About:

*In Home Care Coordination

*Independent Living
​*55 and over Retirement Communities
*Life Care Communities
*Board and Cares
*Assisted Living
*Residential Care Facilities
​*Nursing Homes
*Alzheimer's and Dementia Care
​*Palliative Care and More

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Welcome to Senior Housing Professionals. 

We know how important it is to make the right decisions when

you are planning the future and quality of life for yourself or a loved one.  

When purchasing a home, you typically use a licensed

real estate professional to represent your interests.   

Paying for senior housing is no different.  

Your needs and quality of life require and  deserve a higher level of knowledge
and experienced Senior Housing Professionals to meet your needs. 

You deserve caring, guidance, unbiased,

ethical representation and advocacy from Certified Senior Advisors. 

We know the ins and outs of the senior industry and provide 

you an honest, transparent perspective.  

We work hard to save you time, money and quality of life.
Now,  you have one source to direct you through the overwhelming

and provide peace of mind.   

 Advocating for your best interest is our top priority.

Independent Living


To personally empower seniors and their families to extend independence and quality of life by providing professional guidance in several areas related to housing- to save time, money and reduce unnecessary risks. 

​Missing time from work because you need help for  mom or dad? 

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